California is going to limit "indoor" water use to 55 gallons per day per person.  The state is currently evaluating the imposition of similar restrictions for outdoor water use in future years.  According to EID's former director Dr. Dale Coco "During the drought, EID customers were using about 180 gallons of water per person per day. That’s when people were being very conscious of their water use and their lawns were dying."   EID's existing Board of Directors and General Manager have been completely ineffective in stopping this...  It's time for a change!

To see how much water you are using "indoors" please find one of your bi-monthly "winter" EID water bills (e.g. January/February).  Under the heading "Usage in Gal" you will see a number (e.g. 12,000).  Under the heading "Days" you will see the number of days your bill covers (e.g. 60).  Divide the "Usage in Gal" number by the "Days" number see how many gallons per day your household is using (e.g. 12,000/60 =200 gallons).  Then, divide that number (200) by the number of folks living in your house.  For example, if you have 4 folks living in your house that equals 50 gallons per person per day (e.g. 200/4 = 50).  You're good!  But, if you only have 2 folks living in your house that equals 100 gallons per person per day (e.g. 200/2 = 100).   According to the State, you'll need to cut your "indoor" water usage almost in half.

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EID: 17%, 42% and 90% Water Rate Increases Coming!   

Recently, the Mt Democrat newspaper ran an article that I wrote entitled “EID: Uncaring and Insensitive.”  Click here to read and comment.  To understand why your rates are so high click here to read about "EID's rate raising Raffety" and EID's multitude of cost overruns (click here).  EID's never-ending rate increase votes by Michael Raffety and George Osborne are going to break El Dorado County.  Thanks to Raffety and Osborne... residential water commodity rates are going up 17% next year unless you vote them out of office this November 2020.   Vote for Sue Taylor  (Div 1: Camino, Pollock Pines & Diamond Springs) vs Osborne, Craig Schmidt (Div 3: Placerville, Lotus/Coloma, Rescue & Swansboro) vs Raffety/Veerkamp and reelect Alan Day (Div 5 - El Dorado Hills) to take back control of our water supply.  It's time for a change! 

Over the past two months, lead by EID directors Michael Raffety and George Osborne, EID's Board of Directors voted to increase EID's debt by $70 million more to near record levels ($370+ million). That's almost $10,000 in debt, per family, all on the backs of ratepayers.  In addition, these same directors approved EID's in-house Cost of Services Analysis (COSA) clearing the way for EID to raise single-family residential water rates (commodity) 17% next year,  42% over 5 years and up to 90% for agriculture.  Maybe EID's General Manager (Jim Abercrombie) can afford these increases, at $300,000+ per year in salary plus benefits (click here), but what about the person living on Social Security, minimum wage or recently unemployed?  It's time to vote out the incumbents (i.e. Rate Raising Raffety & Owe-more Osborne) in this year's November 2020 election! 

The largest rate increase is planned for next year (2021).  Single family residences will see water-based commodity charges (i.e. actual water use)  jump  17%  in 2021 from $0.015430 to $0.018061 per cubic foot.  See below.  Agriculture commodity charges could jump a whopping 54% next year.   That's not good for El Dorado County!

Please, don't take my word for it.  See EID's Commodity Charges table (above) from their Proposition 218 Notice.  For starters, notice the 0 - 1,800 cf (top line) under the heading Water, Single Family Residential.  Commodity charges go from $0.015430 to $0.018061 (2020 to 2021) per cubic foot of water.  That's a 17% increase in one year!  Do the same for any line in the table.   Then, compare 2020 rates to 2025 rates.  For single family residences (0 - 1,800 cf) water costs go from $0.015430 to $0.021953.  That's a 42% increase from 2020 to 2025

EID's marketing hype states that these "modest" increases will only cost you a few dollars per year. When is a 17% increase in water rates considered "modest"?  Plus, these rate increases are cumulative for 2021-2025.  That really adds up.  And, EID plans to increase Base Charges (i.e. the amount EID charges you for being connected to their system) up  21%  from 2020 to 2025.  See below:  $63.53 to $77.10.

To downplay these increases, EID cleverly "blends" the 10 cent Base Charge decrease in 2021 (only) with the 17% Commodity Charge increase to arrive at an average rate increase of only 7.5% for some mythical customer.  EID also tries to hide behind their claimed 0% sewer rate increase for 2021 (only).  As we all know, EID's sewer rates have been outlandishly high for some time and this proves it!  Some think they are illegal.  Don't be fooled by EID's hype.  Single family residential commodity charges are going up 42% plus base charges are going up 21%  "if" you don't vote out directors Michael Raffety and George Osborne in this year's November 2020 election.   

What can you do about this?  

In November 2020 consider unelecting the EID directors that sponsored these onerous motions, Micheal Raffety and George Osborne.  Vote for Sue Taylor (Division 1) vs Osborne, Craig Schmidt (Division 3) vs Raffety/Veerkamp and reelect Alan Day (Division 5) to take back control of our water system. 

BTW - Did you know that during Raffety's prior election campaign, he pledged to "Avoid adding to the debt" and to "Balance the budget without exceeding the inflation index." Click here (see #3 & #4).   Inflation for the past 12 months was 0.6% NOT +7.5%, +17%, +42% or +90%Click here.  Clearly "Rate Raising Raffety" has forgotten what he pledged to all of us during his election campaign.  It's time for a change!

Best regards,

Craig A. Schmidt
Putting Ratepayers First!

Thank you!

Craig A. Schmidt

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