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California is going to limit "indoor" water use to 55 gallons per day per person starting in 2020 (i.e. next year).  The state is currently evaluating the imposition of similar restrictions for outdoor water use in future years.  According to EID's former director Dr. Dale Coco "During the drought, EID customers were using about 180 gallons of water per person per day. That’s when people were being very conscious of their water use and their lawns were dying."  

To see how much water you are using "indoors" please find one of your bi-monthly "winter" EID water bills (e.g. January/February).  Under the heading "Usage in Gal" you will see a number (e.g. 12,000).  Under the heading "Days" you will see the number of days your bill covers (e.g. 60).  Divide the "Usage in Gal" number by the "Days" number see how many gallons per day your household is using (e.g. 12,000/60 =200 gallons).  Then, divide that number (200) by the number of folks living in your house.  For example, if you have 4 folks living in your house that equals 50 gallons per person per day (e.g. 200/4 = 50).  You're good!  But, if you only have 2 folks living in your house that equals 100 gallons per person per day (e.g. 200/2 = 100).   According to the State, you'll need to cut your "indoor" water usage almost in half.

Since EID's capital expenditures and expenses continue to rise, those expenses will have to be spread over less water sales.  According to EID's Placerville-area director Michael Raffety, he predicted "if the state took 40 percent of the district’s water, the effect would be horrific."  That means more rate increases... probably big rate increases.

EID - Workers Impressive!    

Many of us are not big fans of El Dorado Irrigation District’s (EID's) Rubber-stamp spending, Rate increase after rate increase, Rising executive salaries, and Rapidly increasing debt (4 Rs). But, I am impressed with EID’s middle management, workers, and their relentless activities to keep our water supply safe and secure.

This past month we’ve seen record snowfall levels in the Sierra foothills.   That has prompted unprecedented actions by EID’s workers to keep our water flowing, our sewer system working, and our park systems open.   At EID's March 11, 2019 Board of Directors meeting this could not have been more evident. 

EID’s middle management discussed how they juggled work schedules, cooperated between departments, and arranged for portable generators, as EID’S front-line workers trudged through six feet of snow to keep EID’s systems up and running.  Over 100 trees fell across EID’s infrastructure (i.e. flumes, sewer lines, power lines, etc) that were removed without us even knowing about their efforts.  It was amazing, impressive, and truly worthy of of our praise.  Thank you to all of EID’s management, staff, and get-it-done workers.  We all appreciate it more than you, or even we, know!

Craig A. Schmidt
Putting Ratepayers First!

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